I’m Hilary, a naturally curly haired voracious reader who loves food, fashion, and funny memes found on Tumblr. When I’m not ruling my roost, I’m working on becoming fluent in French and working bacon into most of my meals. I like bacon. I like chocolate. I like wine. I especially like it when all three are served at the same time.

I love my hair. It is my signature. It is my favorite accessory. It is an extension of who I am and for what I am best known. My hair enters the room before I do. My hair is a conversation starter that has forged strong friendships. My hair has been great fodder for my blog and the inspiration behind my first book, “Maggie Sinclair, Will Your Please Fix Your Hair.”

I have been collecting photographs, taking pictures and making albums for longer than I can remember. Chances are, if you and I have shared an experience, I’ve probably got a picture of it.  I’m busy, just like you.  I’m doing the best that I can, the best way that I know how. I enjoy a challenge, be it photo related, fitness related or food-related, and I’m thankful that I get to share the things I love with others.

Thanks for letting me share with you!