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Your portrait session will include the following:

  • All sessions are $375 for up to 4 people (adults & children)*
  • hgd photography’s personal time, creativity and expertise on all pre- and post-portrait shoot day work.
  • 30 minutes of shooting at a location of your choice within a 20 mile radius of Richmond, Virginia.
  • Unlimited amount of color and/or black & white photos taken.
  • Password protected online proof gallery and print storefront.
  • Images will be available for one year from gallery creation. Notification will be sent when the gallery is set to expire.

*If there are more than 4 people in your group, please add $10 per extra person to the price of your session.

Please note, hgd photography will use your photos company portfolio and highlight work product on this website and social media including the company LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  All requests for privacy will be strictly honored.


Best Practices

A few guidelines to help produce a harmonious, well composed portrait.

Keeping it Simple

My goal is to provide you with timeless photos that you will cherish for years to come.  The best way for that to happen is by letting our session take a natural course. During our pre-session consultation, we will have already discussed your likes and dislikes.  At the time of the shoot, we can always amend your preferences as needed. I want the photos to showcase you and your family, not an idea of how a family should behave.  Be yourselves and it will come through in the images.

Little Ones

When children are the primary subjects, be prepared for snack breaks, potty breaks, silly-dance-party breaks that help keep them engaged.  I often ask the parents to help me draw their baby’s eyes upward by clapping or making noises above my head.  For toddlers and kids, there’s a fair amount silly dancing involved to create a genuine smile.  I enjoy engaging children while I work, and by making them involved in the process, they are more apt to be themselves.   When children are tired, they’re tired. Breaks are needed, and sometimes when that little one is getting a cuddle,  that’s when some of the best images are captured.


I subscribe to the “three colors and a pop” rule, when it comes to clothing for photo sessions.

  • Start by picking three colors, one of which being a neutral, and use only those colors in your outfit selection.  Neutral colors include black, white, gray, khaki, etc.  One of my favorite trios is blue (denim is always a good choice), white, and turquoise.
  • Next, add a pop of unexpected color. Using the above palette, let’s add yellow.  The pop of color is where the eye will be drawn, so use it like an accessory — a hair clip, earrings, a tie.
  • Avoid busy patterns, logos, or anything that can make the photo look dated.

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