Odds and Ends

July 15, 2015

It’s Wednesday, my good people!  This is definitely the day of middles: Middle of the day, middle of the week, middle of the month. . .middle of the summer! July 15th, can you believe it? When the girls got out of school on the 4th of June, the summer stretched out before us, a long lonely highway with ribbons of heat shimmering in the distance.

Here is is the mid-point and while some of us have already done their major summer traveling, others are gearing up for their getaways.  Over here at Camp Dixon, we’ve done everything from a tour of the White House, mid-day Minion movies, arts and crafts, the zoo, and the Botanical Gardens.

Seeing as I have completely blown my wad earlier this season, It’s a good thing our second act of summer activities includes Camp Grandma for V, Camp Alleghany for M and C, and Camp The-Kids-Are-Away for me.  I’ve got to get three little people packed for three weeks away from home, all within the next few days.  Oh, who am I kidding? Y’all know those jokers have been packed, labeled, and the bags by the door since the first of the month! I need to tuck a few odds and ends into their trunks and totes: letters from Mom reminding them to wear clean underwear everyday (seriously, this is a thing), a few of their favorite snacks and comics, and an extra lovey, you know, just in case. And as a reward for all my hard work, because these kiddos are packed like they’re hitting the Oregon Trail, a few odds and ends to put a smile on my face.

1. So when the kids are away, what’s a mom to do? Probably clean out my closet. Again.

2. And I’ve got some location work to do for an upcoming shoot near my alma mater.

3. It’s not going to be all work, though.  I’ll be hitting the movies again. I’ve already checked off Jurassic World (thumbs up) and Magic Mike XXL (two thumbs up).  If you’ve seen MMXXL, do yourself a a favor and read this recap to relive it all in all of it’s hilarious glory. #spoileralert

4. Speaking of movies, my Netflix queue is painfully thin. My brother recommended I check out this show called Sens8.  I watched the first episode and was like, “What. The. Entire. F*ck did I just watch”? I want my hour back.  No, really.

5. Instead of watching that weird show, I could have used that time looking for some white jeans for my wardrobe capsule.  I tried to try some on a few weeks ago, but you know that boot I’m rocking? Yeah, it kind of makes dressing and undressing a laborious process that involves more sitting and standing than a high holy service at church.  Even if I won’t be wearing the jeans any time soon, at least I have some style ideas for when the time comes.

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