Odds and Ends

June 24, 2015


Whew! The heat has been intense. All of the popsicles were gobbled up before the kids headed off to camp on Sunday. Here it is Wednesday and I am popsicle-less.  How did that happen?  How is it Wednesday already?! What is going on around here? A few mid-week odds and ends, that’s what.

1. Given the current boot situation, I think this is as close to the beach as I’m going to get this summer. *le sigh*

2. After stalling out several times over the week-end, my poor truck is getting repaired.  Since two thirds of my crew are at camp, I didn’t have to get a mini van from the rental company (Enterprise, you’re the real MVP).  I’ve been tooling around in this and I might not give it back.

3. I’ve been itching to do something craft-tastic lately, but have been coming up empty on ideas.  As luck would have it, Buzzfeed DIY sent 33 Gorgeous DIY Projects to Decorate Your Grown-Up Apartment right to my inbox! It’s such an ask and you shall receive moment, I’m seriously thinking I need to ask a little bigger, you know what I mean? Of the 33 ideas, this one looks will be perfect in the kitchen. V and I cleared out the paint chip aisle at Lowe’s like we were on Supermarket Sweep.

4. And speaking of stuff to hang on the walls. . .um, I need this, like, immediately!

5. Summer is a great time for cook-outs, clambakes, and generally any excuse to get together with friends and family over food.  I’d really like to try a picnic party: just invite folks over with blankets and baskets and just sit in the grass and catch up.  You know, like this.  Of course, given the heat index, the bugs, and the inevitable kiddie meltdowns, this may just have to happen in my imagination.

What odds and ends did I miss?  Share them with me in the comments!


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