Recipe Friday: Birthday Cake Milkshakes

June 19, 2015

What a week!  M and C had camp, which meant V and I got to hang out for some one on one time.  We did the Children’s Museum — twice –, grocery shopping, a lazy day at home and of course, a trip to Target.

Today, as the camp for M and C came to an end, both of them had a little program in one of their classes.  Camp started at 9am.  C’s program was at 11:30am, M’s at 3:30pm.  Pick up was at 4pm.  You can imagine what kind of yo-yo action was going on today as I did my best to get to everyone’s activity with a cranky-free V in tow.

And did I mention that C leaves for a week at sleep away camp on Sunday and M leaves for Camp Grandma on Monday? There’s been a bit of running around going on to get everyone squared away.  Tempting as it was to just flop down on the couch and let the girls do what they would, I decided I had enough juice left to whip up a fun summer treat.

Ice cream, frosting, sprinkles in a frosty glass? Who doesn’t love that?

milkshakes, real simple, yummy

How fun do these look?

Happy Friday, y’all!

Birthday Cake Milkshakes
recipe from Real Simple Magazine, July 2015

milkshake, real simple, yummy

frosting, milkshake, yummy, real simple

Frosting on a small plate.

sprinkles, yummy, milkshake, real simple

Gotta have sprinkles!

milkshake, yummy, real simple

Milk, ice cream and frosting ready to be blended.


milkshakes, real simple, yummy

In the frosty, decorated glass with a jazzy straw!

milkshakes, real simple, yummy

Happy Campers.


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