Recipe Friday : Pad See Ew

January 7, 2015

The first complete week of January is behind us and I’m doing pretty well with my “no-resolution” resolutions.  Last time I checked, still the same ol’ Hilary with One L as before.  Not to break my own arm patting myself on the back, but not bad. Not bad at all.

As for my foray into the organization of the linen closet, I plan to visit Target (again) this week-end.  Something is getting organized, dang it! I’ve taken more measurements. I’ve pretty much crawled into Pinterest and camped out there as I consider all the linen closet storage and organization options I have.  What I have discovered, is that not many of those “before” closets look like my current closet.  With respect to dimensions and layout, most of the closets I’ve seen pinned are probably no more than 4 or 5 feet across, like a traditional coat closet. My closet is a little longer than that, which means I’ve had to shift my aspirations of pairs or trios of bins and buckets.  I’m going to need quads and quintets, I think.

All that rummaging around Pinterest turned up a lot of other goodies, too.  I’ve already cataloged a couple of non-food Valentine’s Day treats for school. I found some outfit ideas for this winter weather that has wanting to just walk around in sweatpants all day.  There was this gel eyeliner hack that I saw that I am definitely going to try the next time I get dolled up.

Scotch tape as a guide to applying eyeliner for a flawless cat-eye.  Yeah, I’m definitely going to try that because this is my current eyeliner situation:


I know I’m not the only one, right? Right.  But, back to my new finds on Pinterest.  There are some new hairstyles that I plan to try on the girls, provided they sit still long enough.  There are some hairstyle how-to’s to help me on my #growit #noheat hair challenge.   On my craft board, there are some nifty DIY crafts that I want to try. I’m determined to make some Sharpie Mugs that don’t flake off or wash off after one use! Oh, and the food board.  Can’t forget about my bestie!  Even though I’m still working this clean cleaner moderately clean-ish eating plan, I still make regular meals for the kids. Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to be a short-order cook, but many a plate went uneaten (theirs) and many a tear was shed (theirs again) when I served up something that wasn’t 1). Sushi for M 2). Chicken wings for C,  3). Chocolate for V, or 4). Anythinganything, from a restaurant.  While some may argue that the kids should eat what the parent eat and that I’m making more work for myself by making separate meals. . .yeah, I don’t have a response to that except that I tried it and it didn’t work. So, I’m doing what works for me.  This recipe for Thai Stir Fried Noodles works just fine.

Happy Friday, y’all!



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